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This month’s ‘F Word’ is Furious. Not ‘Fashion’, although that takes up much of our time. No, it is about fury. And the team who has put this issue together is at the forefront of just about every single government cockup. They are at the heart of making Black and Brown fashion writers and broadcasters and communicators heard.  They are students going into a work placement year where there are few internships. They are graduates who have to go home. They will do almost anything for a job. And we are, in Britannia PLC, facing an estimated unemployment figure of around four million, higher than at the worst point in the 1980s – and an equivalent to the depression years of the 1930s. The lucky ones are those who are back at college, even though they are facing, like the staff, an alien situation, thanks to the pandemic. Six months or more of isolation and Zoom has warped communication lines between us all.  No parties, no Halloween, no clubbing and no hugging. And no sex if you don’t live in the same house. So yes, people are Furious. And the October issue is the result of this; young journalists, writers and critics who all come from the BA Fashion Journalism course, to tell this story. Young voices, new attitudes.



In this third issue of The F Word, Ollie Day meets hatmaker James Pink, working from his home studio in Leeds after years at CSM and Burberry. Yet another person to leave London, along with Christina Donoghue, who reveals her diary of unemployment at home in Hertfordshire. George Pistachio has got a job, but still finds time to start his new column, ‘In a Nutshell’, on Uggs. They will, he writes, survive the Apocalypse, along with cockroaches and Cher, while Morgan Bowden is The Graduate (2020). Joe Bromley reports from the front line of ‘Pause or Pay’, as students return to a new normal; old fees. Profiles, interviews, humour, investigation, satire and hope. Platform, our sibling title, reports from the wonderful Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, in a piece photographed by Kacion Mayers, written by Yelena Grelet. We are so happy to include Hannah Karpel’s interview with Sam Ross of Magnet Agency. He is, quite simply, a force of change in Fashion for the better, championing the kind of talent that challenges visuals used by turgid brands.  Aswan Magumbe has profiled young CSM designer Shasha Marni-Jackson who is putting her own special twist on knitwear, and the fantastic Sadie Clayton, artist, designer and teacher tells us about her ideas and her practice, while Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, fashion designer, fashion educator and  UN envoy is our first podcast. And finally, today’s dandy highwayman, Poundlandbandit, gives us his starter pack. We end with Why Don’t You? our eternally camp advice column, illustrated by Sophia Ford-Palmer. 


There will be another F Word for the November issue, when we welcome the stellar talent that is journalist Kacion Mayers. FABULOUS!

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Issue 3: Furious

james pink_0113.png

As fashion tears up the rule book, ideas and creativity thrive outside London. Meet James Pink, the designer creating hats for the Covid Generation. 

By Ollie Day

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Last of the summer: whine and unemployment 

The Diary of Christina Donoghue, fashion journalist, zine
aficionado, lover of the handmade and editor of Atelier


By Christina Donoghue


Muzzled Butterfly

Talia Beale takes us through her recent music video ‘Muzzled Butterfly’, featuring BAME tunnel artists and an ode to her hometown, Tottenham.

By Talia Beale


The Graduate (2020)

So here I am, seven years after a teenage boyfriend sat me down to watch The Graduate at some ungodly hour in their parents’ bungalow.  Only I am not Dustin Hoffman and instead of Mrs Robinson trying to seduce me, it’s my bored exes inundating my DMs.

By Morgan Bowden

Designs by Shashamani Jackson, photograp

No Shame in the


Shashamani Jackson is a budding knitwear designer in the second year of her BA at Central Saint Martins. She talks to Aswan Magumbe about her unapologetic approach to Blackness, boldness and braiding.

By Aswan Magumbe

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The Handmade’s Tale

As part of a series to profile the people and stories behind craftsmanship, Christina Donoghue speaks to leather craftsman, Kingsley Walters, a self-proclaimed minimalist and Bill Cunningham fanatic

By Christina Donoghue

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 16.27.07.png

Why Don't You?

Take your grandmother's fur and dose it with glitter; Winter Is Coming, darling.

By Joe Bromley

Horse play.JPG

Horse Play

Ebony Horse Club is the heartwarming jewel of a place where local youth ride horses, gain confidence and learn a sense of self.

By Yelena Grelet

Prosecco... only plastic will do! .png


It's @poundlandbandit's best fashion critique yet!

By Morgan Bowden